When work feels just like a hobby

At some point in our lives, we face certain crisis. May it be quarter-life crisis or career crisis, it affects us all the same. And that is normal because we all go through the same stage and experience the same pain.

Human as we are, we get to experience failures and successes. But, I believe that humans are the embodiment of endless capabilities and potentials. That said, whatever crisis we face, we have the choice to get back up until we painstakingly handle a situation and get through it.

One particular example is choosing a career. Booking a job can be easy, but keeping it can be as hard as breaking a diamond; and this usually happens when we don’t like the kind of work that we have.

Career carrier

When choosing a career, we consider plenty of factors before we put ourselves into the pit of challenges; we think of the nature of the work, working conditions, chances of employment, and probable earning.

There can be a longer list of the factors that we consider and sometimes we forget what kind of work we really want for ourselves. No matter how grand the position is, how big the company is, or how easy the work is, time will come that it will bore yourself out and make you realize that it isn’t the right kind of job for you. In the long run, you will feel dissatisfies, disengaged, and frustrated at work.

It all boils down to passion. The burning passion within us would tell what we should do. When we do what we love, there would be less pressure. And when that happens, we will learn how to dance with the circumstances along the way.

When we do what we love, the momentum keeps us alive and ready to do things right. Our work wouldn’t feel like work, it would feel like a hobby.

If you are good at photography, then you have the reason to make profit from it. If you have the knack of writing articles, then becoming a writer might be the best career for you. If you like traveling and taking videos of the places you go to, you can be a video blogger and share the experience to your viewers on youtube.

There is so much to do other than being stuck in something that you don’t really like doing. Our potentials are endless and sometimes we just have to find it. Success tastes more fulfilling if it gives you real happiness and ignites your emotion to continue and do better.

Confucius said it best in his famous quote, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” So take the lead. Carry yourself with a carrier that you are inspired of doing. Keep the passion burning!

Photo credits: www.freepik.com