The Virtual Virus of the Internet

Everyone succumbed to this syndrome will be reeled in to the depths of this virtual reality as its virus will spread like a raging wildfire. Currently, the new generation can barely live without gadgets, computers and more importantly the Internet. Thus, when you try to take away their phones, they’d be bored throughout the time you’ve deprived them of it.

People have been quite interactive on social media but on real life situations it’s harder for them to socialize. Social media has been a hub for everyone, though it has made life interesting and convenient, it has also been the root of depression, self-discrimination and anxiety. All those filtered posts, fake news, cyber bullying, identity theft and many subject of negativity had made it took a skidding turn, barely keeping on the right track.


Most youngsters can’t take off their hands on the keyboard and eyes on the screen. If we were able to live off life without sleep, they won’t be leaving their seats. At the time they are away from the PC, as the time flies, they’d get anxious by the minute wanting to return to their simulated haven.

Social media

The social hub, almost everyone have their own social media. To some, they would be restless if they can’t post something new on their wall profiles. Hence, they want to keep up with the social rhythm, even followers, likes and hearts mattered because for others it boosts their self-esteem knowing the fact that they’re appreciated and given attention.

Internet virus

You can say that most people are dependent on the Internet. You can type in a question or subject of interest about anything, search engines will list out answers for you. In result, it has been the medium of media, data, information, entertainment and etc. Over time, it’s gradually becoming a necessity to live.

This is just three main roots. As the cyber tree continues to seep water from its roots in the ground. We will continually be sapped of the energy to yield on its tempting call.

No matter what’s given, it all comes down to your attitude on how to handle it. A pencil may seem harmless, made to write about anything, making it suitable for child’s use. However, what one can’t see, it is harmless if held right but when it’s held to puncture someone it won’t stay harmless. Be an advocate of change, be the virtual antidote. Start your own blog now!