The grandest celebration in Cebu

Cebu is unarguably one of the prominent island in the Philippines. It is place full of beautiful places and lovely people, with a captivating city where tourist spots are of abundance.

There’s no doubt why foreign travellers choose to stay a little longer to indulge in the fascinating beauty of Cebu. And speaking of fascinating, an annual celebration in the city that draws millions of people from across the world is the Sinulog Festival.

Sinulog Festival, as people would call it, is the “mother of all Philippine festivals.”  For many years, it has had millions of devotees and tourists coming to Cebu to celebrate and enjoy.

The grandest celebration happens on the third sunday of January to honor the feast of the Holy Child Jesus. It is the time when people would enjoy watching the ritual dances in the streets of Cebu City by costumed performers from different provinces and towns, puppeteers and floats parading with the delighting sound of trumpets and drums.

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