PickApp will pick up your parcel

Delivery nowadays is just a few clicks away on our phones. Advances in technology have made our works easier and our problems less worrisome.

And today, delivery services are now made more accessible via an application. PICKAPP—a Cebuano made application for Cebuanos!

The steps are pretty easy.

  1. Register and create your own unique account to which you can remain logged in as long as you want the same way you are to your social media accounts whenever you wish to use them.
  2. PickApp is your tool that manages anything that is supposed to travel from point A to point B. Select which vehicle type you want, motorcycle or 4 wheels.
  3. PickApp automatically pinpoints your location, you may then identify the address to where you want your parcels to be delivered. Pretty simple, ey?
  4. Before your request is paired with a PickApp driver, clue us in on what it is you are sending/or receiving; the name of the recipient; phone number and you may also add anything on a side note you’d want the PickApp driver to take note of.
  5. Simply confirm both addresses and the amount of your delivery charge.
  6. Once you hit confirm, you will be paired up with a PickApp driver who will fulfill your request. From there, you will sit back and relax while you are given the ability to track your deliveries.

With the mission “To simplify what is supposedly a simple transportation of parcels,” PickApp is dedicated to providing the community a convenient access to delivery services. You do not have to leave home or work anymore to dispatch your parcel.

Pack your parcel and use PickApp now! Visit http://pickapp-ph.com for more information.