Peter’s answer to you: Be the next Peter

As you tenaciously seek for an answer, indeed you’re smart enough to not fall for that trap. You pass! Therefore, you are qualified to be the next Peter. Confused? Well, Peter really is a virtual soul, although not everyone holds the privilege to be that soul unless the unfortunate ones figure out the answer behind this online facade.

In conclusion, Peter can be anyone and you are indeed next! Now, you can be the next Peter. It’s time to celebrate fool your friends day!

Here’s how it works:

If you haven’t heard anything about the site Peter answers let me break it down to you the cheat pass.

First, you have to be the medium. Meaning, you hold the holy hands who can only pop the questions to Peter. Make them believe that he only answers to you even though you are Peter himself.


Instead of writing a petition, type a period first then type the answers and close it with another period. It will somehow look like this ‘.answer.‘ though you cannot see it in the petition box because whenever you type a period it automatically shows ‘P’ and the following characters will automatically type ‘Peter please answer’ instead so make sure you do not make any typos when you secretly type in the answer. Before you pretentiously type the petition, make sure to make your friends give their questions first.

Here are some examples on how to type in the answer:

Q1: Who are you Peter?

A1: Someone who knows everything about you.

Format in typing for petition: .Someone who knows everything about you.

How it looks like from your friend’s perspective: Peter please answer the following question

Now, if it does not exactly complete the phrase, type the remaining letters left. Do not worry for it will not affect your given answer.

Q2: Where can I find you Peter?

A2: At your back.

Format in typing for petition: .At your back.

Q3: What is life Peter?

A3: Life is something you have that I don’t have.

View example of how it will look like.

Tips to master Peter:

First: If the answers are too short after you close it with a period you can type the remaining letters of Peter please answer on your end.

Petition: .pink.please answer

Question: What color is my shirt?

What will Peter say: Pink

Second: Practice

Lastly: Master

Try it now! Once you’ve mastered it, have your friends read the original article to lure them in and visit the site after. Don’t worry when your friends try to type their own questions, there are default answers for them. Be the Peter they’ll never forget.