Make your blog work: The Bandwagon Blog

Make your blog stand out despite the vastness of the Internet as it offers countless possibilities and lures competition for some individuals as the time ticks by.

It doesn’t just stop on setting up your site. Everything starts from there. What does it take for a blog to be widely recognized and be uniquely identified from the others? That your blog is not the typical and traditional kind or to put it simply, just another plain and boring site.

Here are some tips to make your blog soar the social heights:

Visual impact

Believe it or not, this is what people see and contemplate first: The visual aspect. This is what triggers the verdict on will a visitor continue to read your blog or not. The design, the layout, the graphics, even font sizes and font styles. Every visual content matters! The best readability, the better. Do not use distracting font styles and sizes, make your reader comfortable.

Make your layout easy to follow on, just whatever seems convenient. Currently, the trend is the minimalist yet chic style, make your blog exude elegance especially those under professional categories. It is recommendable because it is appropriate for any trend.

Creative touches

Aside from the visual impact, you must have creativity on your way of writing. It’s a little disappointing if the content doesn’t match up to the visual impact. You need to keep your writer hooked in reading. Always remember the word KISS-Keep It Short and Simple.

Be brief but concise. Be direct but creative.

For example, you need to introduce a product. Do not lay out just some details about it. Introduce it like a friend, not a stranger. Simply make your blog interesting and engaging.

Personal approach

This is what completes your style of writing, through adding a personal approach. You do not make advertisements, you make blogs. Do not sugarcoat things, it might backfire at you with viewers’ questioning your blog’s credibility. It’s your blog, not anyone else’s.

Close engagement

Initiate interaction between you and your readers. Let them know you are active. Nothing is more exciting than establishing connections between them and that you actually cared. You need to remember always that a blog is not all about you. If you do, it won’t last long. Remove any narcissist tones, you made a blog for the benefit of the many.

The right tones

There are different types of blogs and each blog has its own appropriate tone. These tones give off specific vibes depending on what type of tone is used. Some blogs emanate a professional vibe, an aggressive vibe, a sweet vibe and many more. Make sure to use the right tone for your blog.

Entertain queries

These queries are ways to keep your viewers in check. Respond to their queries so they won’t leave your blog in a confused state. Introduce them to your blog, make them understand things. This is to avoid misinterpretation and miscommunication. Always meet them halfway.

Make an impression

Make a statement in their minds. This is to keep them reading your blogs and look forward on the next. That every viewer will decide to be regular readers after reading just one of your blogs. Always be innovative, don’t be stagnant. No matter how good you are, people always look for something new.


For some, this is the secret ingredient. Optimize, so search engines will pull out your blog. Let them know you exist, let them see you own it. No matter how good you are, if they can’t find you what’s the use. Lastly, do some research and know your audience.

That’s about it! Just follow these basic pointers, in time you’ll find your own flow and your own label. Just make your blog you but not about you. A nudge was all you need. The Internet may be a virtual battleground but there is always a sense of solidarity present. Don’t know how to start one? You can make a blog with Static Data Hosting. Make a blog now!