Ex-colleague turned co-founder

In pursuit of an entrepreneurial success, looking for a co-founder is, and always has been a crucial element. A co-founder who has the same level of understanding and enthusiasm can help you achieve the goals of the business. In simpler term, be both compatible. You have to work harmoniously in getting to the top of your game.

A lot of co-founders these days have been partners since university days. Some are ex-classmates, group mates in a project, and some are ex-colleagues. This is because they have known each other enough to build an empire.

And what better way to celebrate the success of your endeavor than to share it with someone who stands with you through ups and downs. Sure, it can be crucial to find the right co-founder or even a business partner because you need to know the person just as much as you would like to achieve the goals of your business.

Ex-colleague turned co-founder is common in today’s business adventures.

This is because, in a startup business, you have to know the strengths and weaknesses of the person. Before you let him shovel the soil to build your empire, know if he shares the same goal. It’s another reason why co-founders have started as ex-colleagues or classmates in college. It is imperative to know these things about your business partner. In the changing environment of startups, the demand for survival is high.

You also have to know if you complement each other. Whether in visions and goals for the business, it is but necessary for business partners to carry out tasks together. And it is good to agree to disagree, that means someone is listening and is paying attention.

In finding the right co-founder in business, sharing the same interest is the biggest factor why most businesses succeed. The competition is inherent to the nature of the business, but an aligned interest between two people can survive the business. So you can start talking to your classmates or colleagues about your future plans and maybe one of them can be your co-founder someday.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich