Ever wonder how static data hosting started?

Here is a brief timeline, tracing its roots of origin on how the company emerged to life:

The Static Data Hosting Chronology


Hauled 5 awards and recognitions over the past years and officially reached almost 400 domains. The company evolves to a higher revolution at 99% client satisfaction rate.


Officially reached 300 domains and took part in Notre Dame of Jolo College, EzWare and Royal Friendship Tour. A year of amassing clients and immersing on technology advancements.


Legally acknowledged as a Cloudflare Certified Partner and officially reached 250 domains ensuring next generation of clients and security solutions.


Represented as a bronze sponsor in the Cebu Blogging Summit and reached 200 domains.


Represented as a silver sponsor in Google Business Group Mandaue and officially reached 150 domains, making mark in the business circle.


Approved ICANN Accredited Registrar and garnered 100 domains.


Company founded by Khen Carl Soronio and officially acknowledged as a DotPH Certified Partner.


Static Data Hosting is currently working on something awesome.