Cebu’s Software Developer—Sugbotek Inc.

Today,  many things are accessible in just a swipe or click away. Our daily activities have become a lot easier and faster to accomplish. It seems that almost everything is convenient at the same time effective.

How nice would it be if culture meets technology? Well, Sugbotek Incorporated can make it possible for you!

Sugbotek is a software development company which aims to help people in their business reach more clients through developing their software applications or computer programs.

The word sugbo comes from the Visayan word Cebu and Tek is a local slang for technology. This company was established last February 2014. It is located at Room 210 KRC Building Subangdaku, Mandaue City, Cebu.

With the mission to develop applications using modern day technology providing cost-effective solutions for a smarter world, Sugbotek offers tailored-fit services to the clients.

It mainly focuses on Machine-to-Machine, Open Source, and Desktop/ Mobile Base Technology and also has an emergency team in just a touch away.  For more information, visit