Barefoot on the sand

Moalboal is indeed a town full of surprises. It claims to have fantastic beach resorts which are great places for divers and simple travelers. The small town is also famous for its underwater activity spots.

When the long week’s work is over, we wouldn’t want to miss the fun. We all deserve to rejuvenate and find happiness.Heading south of Cebu for a much awaited break at Barefoot White Beach Resort is a great escape from being bone-tired from all the side-lines.

Barefoot White Beach Resort is a two-hour drive from the metropolis. A summer sanctuary in Moalboal where you can enjoy some water sports. Foreign and local visitors will also get to choose their choice of suite.

Super Deluxe with kitchen

Honeymoon Suite

Barefoot Villa

The standard of rooms vary on your preference as the resort offers a small and informal place, but one thing is for sure, tranquility is present in any of the rooms.

Barefoot White Beach Resort services include airport pick-up (one-way or two way), made-to-order meals, laundry, special events, and water activities like snorkeling, diving, boating, or scuba diving.

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