Addicts are the next millionaires: The high entrepreneurs

Are you addicted for innovation and progress? Then Forbes might want to have their watch on you in the coming years for addicts are the next millionaires.

Being an addict was usually connoted with a negative impact over the years. Some related to the narcotics and life-threatening hobbies but not everything always end up on the bad side of the road. An addict can be an entrepreneur too, a successful one actually.

Why addicts are the next millionaires

Not all addicts are doomed to sink, some are meant to swim on an entrepreneurial sea to success. Hence, the bold statement of how addicts are the next millionaires.


There are great entrepreneurs who are addicts. In their budding years, they were even tagged as someone with OCD -Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Look at them now, branded as owners of successful companies and businesses as people see it as both a blessing and a curse. It all comes down on how you handle and interpret it and being an entrepreneur is one.

Passion is not enough to build a multi-billion dollar company, it is more than just that. Being addicted meant always in sought for the thrill which constantly awaits at the end of euphoria when you have successfully given in to the itch of doing something be it anything good or bad.

These people won’t stop until they reach the ultimatum of successful satisfaction which normal people commonly miss on their traits. These are the good types of addicts: the progressive ones.

What it takes to be an entrepreneur

When you are tenacious for your own good, you end up opening doors of endless opportunities that were not made available for those who easily tone down their guard and pursuit.

Motivation, dedication and obsession to see through beyond the unexpected is a great trait an entrepreneur should possess, hence the success.

Although there are times that being obsessed and addicted for progress might not always conjure positive feedback, remember that everything has a setback.

Setbacks are meant for further improvements and not to drag you or your business down. Take a look at its good side. You were able to encounter a setback which instantly meant that you still had a room for improvement and innovation.

Not all addicts are weeds of the society, some are just in wait for their time to bloom. Watch out for addicts in town, one might be your next boss.