7 Things to consider when choosing a Domain Name

Your domain name is as important as your company name. It will serve as your company’s identification online. It will give online visitors an impression about you and your business. Thus, it is pretty obvious that a good domain name would have a significant impact on the success of your online business.

However, choosing a good domain name is not an easy task. Why? There’s just many things to be taken into account. Don’t worry. We have listed 7 of the most important ones below.

1. Keywords

One of the first things you have to check when looking for a domain that suits your brand is to list down at least 5 keywords that people might be using to search for you. After that, think of unique names by combining them and by adding prefixes and suffixes. For instance, if your business provides legal services in your locality, choose a domain name like legalserviceshollywood.com.

2. Similar Names

With so many domains used all over the web, it is very possible that you come up with a domain name that is similar to others. Be sure your domain name is completely different. It will only cause confusions and put your business down.

We suggest you make a new and unique one. That will prevent customers from checking on other websites.

3. Domain Name Extension

Domain name extensions are basically the suffixes of your web addresses. “.org”, “.com”, and “.net” are the most common examples.

Each of these extensions has specific uses. For example, “.org” is often used for organizations, “.gov” is for government sectors. So, when making a choice, be sure it works for your company. Perhaps the “.com” extension is the most recommended.

4. Short and Memorable

Nobody will remember a one paragraph domain name. Thus, aim for a domain name with lesser words and characters and is easy to pronounce. Why? That is because even if customers can remember your domain name, but can’t pronounce it, they wouldn’t want to talk about it. As a result, you will lose a lot of great deals.

5. No Special Characters

Websites with numbers and special characters might be misunderstood by people. For instance, if you say your domain name is fivestarhotel.com, people might type in the numeral “5” instead of spelling the word itself. Well, if you still want to get traffic from that similar domain, register it.

6. Misspelled Versions

Big brands protect their name by purchasing different extensions and misspelled versions. They register .net, .org, and .us and redirect them to the core website. It is an excellent way to be ahead of competitors and to ensure customers are directed to your site, even if they accidentally misspell it.

7. Take Action

Believe us, domains names sell like pancakes. But the good thing is that they are not as expensive as you think. Now, if you are hesitant about purchasing one, we suggest you don’t take long when deciding. It could be purchased by your competitor. If you have the money, register the domain name right away.

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